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    I presently use YAHM and FontHackV (with JFonts installed from another thread). I used Hacks extensively on previous Palms, but realize most of them are gone in OS 5 (miss EasyLaunch, but looks like ArrowLaunch will replace that).

    I was wondering what hacks y'all were using to see if it's time to increase my inventory of hacs on the T600.

    Thanks in advance...
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    I really like CorrectHack auto text replacement utility, which I use with TealMaster. There is a OS 5 version from the same folks--Textras--but I found that it didn't work as well. I do use the OS 5 version of Clockpop instead of the hack.

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    TreoButtons is good
    it can replace the keyguard option on : Option+Button4

    to auto on my wireless mode on soft reset.

    To change Nav select mode on the 5-way-nav/Scrolling

    allows u to highlight the text using 5waynav (i find it lags your palm though)


    4 bars Signal Indicator
    -would be replace with numeric Signal Quality like in Treo Helper for precise signal quality info

    Sounds Prefs WAV/MP3 Support
    -in the original sound prefs. it alllows to chose mp3 which then plays using ptunes or any other media player

    Camera Hacks
    -Allows to control shutter speed, apreture, etc. lol

    Blazer No Image Hack
    -The browsers default no-image picture is to big. Somtimes it distort the site layout. An image with dimentio 5x5 becomes like 20x40 when the defualt no-image blazer shows up. It should just show an X sign like windows.

    Unlim Picture Caller ID hack
    -not just 50 thats alread in favourites

    Improved Shortcut Hack on Treobutler
    -treobutler has this shortcut anywhere can launch apps .. but ith as to go th the phone app first then only the software .. if theres a hack that can go directly to the software wold be graet ..
    more coming ..

    On Call Active Beep
    -like the old days the motorolla handphone has this feature when then line is active or ringing after u dial a number, it will give a beep .. so this way i dont have hold the phone on my ear while it is connecting ... once someone picked it up or starts ringing .. a BEEP will be heard...

    Auto Redial till connected
    -when phoning someone if u cant get thru, it will automatically readial witouhout have us to dial again ... then when its connected it will BEEP so that we know that its connected already .. easy i dont have to hold the phone on my hear so long .. especially when driving ..
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    Thanks for the suggestions..I'll check out CorrectHack...

    I use ClockPop as well, and a slew of DAs.

    Not a hack, but I found Profeo 600 Lite on Freewarepalm today that combined several of the items you listed Xaix.

    Keep 'em coming...

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