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    My bet is that the 610 is exactly the same as the 600, but with Verizon's branding on it. Verizon likes it's phones to be "unique." For example, Sprint sells a Nokia 3588i. Verizon sells the same phone, but calls it a 3589i. So assuming they do actually sell the Treo one of these days, it'll have a unique model number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miradu
    KRam - it shows you how desperate people are for a new, better Treo... They cling to any new info they can get. This is getting as bad, or worse than new apple product rumors!
    Hey... we are all here reading it aren't we?! I mean I love my Treo, but it has it's flaws and if the T-610 fixes those flaws then I anxiously await it as well.. I just feel bad for everyone who can't simply upgrade their treo 600 and get full price for it like the few of us who bought it at Best Buy with the PSP plan and are stuck watching the other kids on the playground with their new toys!

    Has anyone considered that Palm's "equipment shortage" may actually be due to them gearing up for the release of the T-610?
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    So - if the Treo 610 from Sprint becomes reality with all the new features, what will you get when you take you 600 in for repair? Will you get a refurb 600 or the new 610? I have a screen problem and a headphone jack issue with my current 600 and will be waiting to find out.
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    It would not surprise me if that equity analyst fell into the same trap as so many other people.
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