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    Hi all, did a search but could not find the answer

    I wonder how I can backup my unbranded / unlocked Treo 600 firmware before I upgrade it to 3.04? Currently the phone comes with FW 2.12. I heard 3.04 improves the camera quality. i took a picture last night with the new treo 600. the quality was worst than my z600 / e715.

    thanks in advance. i just want to backup the firmware before i upgrade in case i might screw it up.
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    i dont think you can backup the firmware without some extra hardware ..

    just upgrade to 3.04 trust me it feels a hell lot better when u see the Treo logo when ur in Wireless fact theres a new menu in the main aplicatiosn call sounds really feels good when u see someting new

    and sms privacy mode is excellent now no one can read my sms
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    I don't believe the firmware needs to be backed up, as it resides in ROM (or is it really FLASH?)
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    I guess Superfire's question (which is a very valid one), is:

    "What if I have to return/repair the Treo sometime, and they find out that I changed the Firmware? Is there a way to keep/backup my current Firmware so that I can downgrade back to the original, should anything unfortunate happens?"
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    I don't know of a program to do it, but the firmware resides in flash, and it is possible to read it and store it on a PC in the same format that 3.04 resides in on the PC.
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    the question is .. how ?
    there are some dumped PRC of the firmware version
    checkot the firmware faq page .. i downlaoded mine 2.09 incase i need to re-vert it to the original firmware ..
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    thanks. i might just download another version (2.x) firmware in case i need to load it back to Treo before i return / send for repair


    btw, i have not seen a generic GSM firmware for Treo600 yet. all i found out was for Cingular.
    any ideas where i can find a generic GSM firmware for Treo 600?

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