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    I need the Palm OS 4 in-built mail application. It is rom-locked and non-beamable even with Filez. Can anyone tell me where I can get this file ?

    I need it for software compatibility issues.

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    Dear sugato,

    What martphone or Palm device do you have?

    Dave Lindberg
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    Im using a Treo 600
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    Dear sugato,

    I think this is what you may looking for. Your above post says that you are looking for an "in-built" version of mail for OS 4.

    Are you referring to One-Touch Mail that came on the Hanspring CD-Rom with the Treo 90 (OS 4.1), etc?

    If so, click below:

    You can download the "Wireless Suite" of apps which includes: One-Touch Mail.

    If One-Touch isn't the email client, what is the name of the one you are looking for?

    Dave Lindberg
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    I think its called Mail 4.0 in the Treo 90

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