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    Whenever I enter a new contact in the Treo--or make a change to an existing contact, something goes haywire whenever I sync with my desktop. It produces another dulpicate entry of the Outlook contact in the Treo and desktop every time I sync. So I end up with a growing collection of the same contact entry. Help!
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    hmmm, this is a somewhat artificial solution, but will fix your problem. It assumes you only make contact changes on your handheld and not on your desktop computer. Simply change the default hotsync for contacts to "handheld overwrites desktop". Thus your handheld entries would be added to the desktop and not duplicated on handheld. Or so I assume. Of course, they shouldn't be duplicating in the first place so this may not work. If you make changes on both handheld and desktop, try to sync before you've made changes in both places and change the sync to the appropriate overwrite. Also, be sure not to add the same contact in both places...that will almost for sure cause duplicates.

    Side note: I had problems syncing with Outlook, when many contacts and calendar entries got duplicated. What I finally did was clean up my Outlook, wipe out everything on the handheld, and changed my hotsync settings to "desktop overwrites handheld". I then synced, and everything showed up once. Since then syncs work fine with the default sync settings.

    Good Luck.
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    Dear ColoTom,

    I have a curiosity question for you... I had a similar problem with duplicate entries when I was using ACT! Link for the PalmOS. The problem stemmed from the fact that my Treo 300 was set to PST (Pacific Standard Time) and I think either my desktop or ACT! Ver 5 was set to EST (Eastern Standard Time). Once I changed them both to EST and cleaned up the entries, I didn't have the problem again.

    I was wondering if you can check the Time Zone settings for me and tell me what they are set at.

    Dave Lindberg
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    there's also a software app called 'Undupe' that will do an awesome job of scrubbing all the built in Palm databases for any dupes. I bought it like 4 years ago, have kept it up to date ever since, and it's saved me a few times, when the occasional hard reset would hose my Palm (note that those scenarios were pre-Treo, most notably my Kyo6035). Find it here: - I really have found it to be useful....
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    There's an excellent free Outlook duplicate removal utility that I've used a few times.

    And yes, I did say a prayer for the developer. Interesting concept, prayerware.
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    I checked. Both the Treo and my desktop are set for Mountain Daylight Time (my time zone).
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    Mol, the dup remove utility for outlook that you linked is no longer available. is there another source for that utility? thanks.
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    I have used Sperry Software's duplicate removal for outlook:
    Not free, but it was recommended on this board and I think it was relatively cheap...

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