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    Quote Originally Posted by truoc444
    anyone found one for the Houston Astros or does this shoutcast thing work? do i have to manually set it up every time or is there something automated that will start with the game and start it streaming?
    Find the websites for these Astros radio affiliates and see if any of them do may get lucky with one that streams the games.

    Maybe this one:
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    Anyone figure out yet which phones are supported by the new Sprint-MLB GameDay Audio application? Also, has anyone figured out how to access it?
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    "If you navigate on over to your Sprint home page (on your phone), then to sports, then to, you'll see a link that says, "Listen Live". You then have the option of purchasing this for 5.99 a month. I didn't buy it, but if someone else takes the plunge, let the rest of us know how the quality is."

    I went to the wap site from the Sprint home page on my phone and do not see the "Listen Live" link. It must not support the treo (just like the new NFL app). Damn, what good is this new "multimedia" device if all of these new multimedia features aren't supported...
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    It seems like the MLB GameDay audio might work with the Treo700p, although I can't test it since SprintTV is currently down. That being said, from the Sprint wap page in Blazer, go to Sports and the MLB GameDay Audio link is featured. If you click on it, it brings you to SprintTV. About a week ago, the link was not available on the Treo. We'll see.
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    as of two weeks ago it was not working you click on live and you get message not suported on this device
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