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    4.20.2 is now on PalmGear. Now all my indicators fit along the top screen again. But it still displays the signal strength/quality when I'm not connected to my own network and can't make normal calls (only emergency). can use CodeWarrior's Constructor to edit your own theme to add in the signal strength icons. That's what I did. I'd post more info but it was kind of a PITA so I'd probably mess something up. I modified my own theme and got it working mostly by trial and error. In the ZLauncher zip file there is a document that describes the theme components.

    You can download the demo of CodeWarrior. The Constructor program that comes with it apparently never expires.
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    Did that, but the signal icon seems to be invisible. When I click on the bar, it will do the pop-up "Signal Quality: 18", but I can't see the icon. Doesn't matter what the background color is.

    Bill Petro
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    Bill, try reading the thread.

    Thanks all, especially catbert, I'll try to edit my theme.
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    I have found that other themes, like ZLT_BlueHiCon and ZLT_AquawoodXP will display the signal quality icon, but my favorite, FlatBlue_Demo won't.

    I'd be interested in any instructions on how to "hack/edit" the theme with CodeWarrior or other tools.


    Bill Petro
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    Here are some instructions which I think are what I had to do to get the signal strength indicator into my own ZLauncher theme. When I did it, there was a lot of trial and error, so I hope I have everything listed!

    I do not guarantee the accuracy of these instructions and assume that if I didn't get something right, that you have enough knowledge to dig around to figure out how to get it to work.

    open constructor
    file->open project file
    locate your theme .prc file and open it
    I had trouble getting constructor to open one theme file, but no problems with the others I tried - so your theme file may or may not work
    In the window with a list of things and the title of your theme at the top, close all the "categories" (click on any arrows pointing down)
    The bottom thing should say bitmap families - click on the arrow pointing right that is next to that to expand it
    this is a list of all the bitmaps - not the bitmaps themselves, but information about the bitmaps
    the numbers on the right are the resource IDs...need to create IDs numbered 5620-5629

    single click on the one numbered 5609 (it should be called 24 x 12, 1 depth)
    edit->duplicate resource
    window->property inspector
    in the window that opens up, change the ID to be 5620 and remove copy from the end of the name
    close the property inspector window
    edit->edit resource
    change the bitmap ID to be 5620 and close that window

    repeat the above to create resources for IDs 5621-5629

    now we need to create the bitmaps
    go back to the very top of the window with the list of resources and click on the arrow next to bitmaps
    find bitmap 5609 in this list (it should be called 24 x 12, 256 colors)

    single click on 5609
    edit->duplicate resource
    window->property inspector
    change the ID to be 5620 and remove the word copy from the end of the name and close the window

    repeat the above to create bitmaps for 5621-5629

    now you just need to draw your bitmaps!
    locate 5620 and double click on it
    it will show you a picture of your memory indicator
    that's because we copied the memory indicator to create the signal strength bitmaps
    double click and edit the bitmaps to create the signal strength indicators

    5620 is no signal, and it goes up from there with the strength (5629 is the highest signal)

    when you're done, file->save and hotsync the .prc file to your Treo!

    I hope these work for you!
    You can use magenta as transparent. I believe it's the 6th color from the left on the top - just to the left of the first yellow color.
    Treo 680 GSM since July 2007
    Treo 600 GSM from November 2003 through July 2007
    AT&T (formerly Cingular, formerly PacBell PCS) since September 1998
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    Anyone tried the latest ZLauncher version 4.20.2 where they've supposedly fixed the signal bar problem? I'm on Sprint, using the ZLT_AquawoodXP theme. It seems the signal bars are working backwards. When I'm in a 1 bar area, it displays the max number of bars. When I'm in a max signal area, it displays 0 bars. Anyone else see this on their CDMA phones? How about GSM phones? Weird!
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