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    I remember viewing all of the threads and post not to long ago about SMS issues. I thought after the update everything was supposed to work ok. I was sending and receiving texts w/ no problems until I tried to text my sister. She and I are on a family plan. She shares minutes w/ my mom and I share w/ my dad. I then tried my mom and the same thing happened. On my phone it said the text was sent but they never got them and I never received notification of it not being delivered. I then tried my dad who also has a T600 and we have no problems. Our service provider is sprint. My mom and sister have vision phones (2 different models). Anyone else having any weird issues like this? I want to see if anyone else has had issues so when I spend 2 hours on hold with sprint I will be able to offer then more info to help me.
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    Which Sprint phones do your mom and sister have? Many (most?) current Sprint phones don't have true SMS capabilities. Although if they are Vision phones, then they should be able to check their "shortmail" which is sprint's pre-SMS web based messaging service to get the messages.
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    Not sure exactly which models, moms is low end model and sisters is a camera phone. I know that most Sprint phones us "shortmail" the problem is that function is no longer available on my phone. I was told after the upgrade "shortmail" was not going to be available because we should be able to send with no problem w/ SMS. I did the upgrade and SMS seemed to be longer receiving the message that the service is not available yet. For a short while I was still sending them texts through "shortmail" but one day it was no longer available. I assumed that meant regular sprint phones would be able to receive SMS texts through their "shortmail inbox". I dont know anyone else who uses sprint so I dont know if its just my phone, out family plan, or if people w/ T600 cant send text to regular sprint phones now. Any ideas?
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    Right there with ya. My wife has a Vision phone, and I can email her shortmails from my Treo using Eudora or Snappermail, but she can't shortmail me back. SMS directly doesn't work, but I can SMS anyone with a TMO or Verizon or AT&T phone no prob.

    I have a "trouble ticket" on this going on over a month now.
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    Nice to know Im not the only one but I never thought to use snappermail so thats a nice tip to atleast be able to send them. If sprint ever gets back to you or anyone else for that matter please post...Im sure everyone is getting seriously tired of some of these issues considering what we all spent on these phones!
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    Absolutely. After me and the wife unit, TreoCentral will be the first to know.

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