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    If this is a reapeat, I apologize. I searched for this thread, and didn't find an equivilent.

    Ever since I applied the Palm OS 5 patch, my phone has been acting quirky. When it's not working it will not make calls. Instead, the sprint network status in the upper left hand corner will switch to Network Search, and the call will drop. At first, I was able to around this by first connecting to a web site and then making a call. A couple of months past and all at once the situation got worse. Nothing I tried allowed me to make a call, and then the phone would reboot on it's own. No hard reset or soft reset would work. I even tried calling Sprint, but they provided no additional help. Finnally, I found that when the phone was plugged in it worked fine. Also, when the battery was on full it would work. Once it droped one bar, the phone stopped working again. I brought the phone in for service, and they tried to reload the phone, but were unable to fix the issue, so a replacement phone is on the way.

    Some questions come to mind: has anyone seen this sort of behavior? Are there any solutions that I have not thought of? Do I chalk this up to bad hardware, even though it happend around the time of the OS update? I had also installed a Launcher app at the time which I was never able to get working.
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    never mind my posting...I found the relevant threads on the network search error. No one seems to have an answer, but it's good(?) to know I am not alone.

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