I purchased my T600 in November of 2003. At first no problems...then as if for no reason at all my beloved new phone for which I relied on for almost all of my daily tasks turned into the phone from hell. I have spent countless hours on hold and w/ customer service for each and every issue. They have ranged from loosing sound, turning on and off by itself, freezing, seriously lagging internet issues, and the list goes on. I recently found this site and to my amazement there were many people with the same problems. Every time I have gone into a sprint store I was told to call the Tier 2 techs(the techs that actually have T600's and are supposed to be more helpful). Each time I have had to do hard resets or re-enter secure passwords, ect,ect. I was always told it was probably something I did because they had never heard of these things happening...now Im pissed. My recent issue is the Network Search issue. I tried to take back my phone but I was told I can not return it because the serial number on the back of the phone is no longer readable. I explained I had the phone for a while and when I saw this was happening I entered it into the phone so I would still have the info plus I have the box and everything. I purchased my phone from Frys b/c they were $50 cheaper. Frys told my I was s*** out of luck so I went to Sprint store where they told me they were not responsible because I bought it elsewhere. I am not about to pay for another phone. Can anyone help or have suggestions!!!!????