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    I have tried to upgrade my firmware, but the thing is the progress bar is only halfway through for almost 1hr. Any advise is it hanged ?

    What can I do ? Force a hard reset ? Please advise ! I'm a deep ****....
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    Anyone want to reply to this? I'm curious to why the firmware upgrade would take this long.

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    omg man ....
    thats really terrible news. ..

    i dunno what happend but i posted a few screenshot while doing the upgrading..
    it took me only like 10min or so for the full upgrade ..

    im guessing just leave it till the bar starts moving again .. reset it would cause your treo not to be working again ... ever .... maybe if u bring back to the factory they might repair it for u but flashing rom voids the warranty already so i dont knwo man ...

    sorry to hear that happend ....

    keep us posted ...
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    Sorry to hear about your problem. But in case our fears do come true and your phone is fried then you could wait till an official upgrade is released and then just claim that the phone got fried trying to upgrade with that. I am sure the warranty is not void when applying an official upgrade.
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    What happens if you hard reset the device while it's updating the firmware?

    I took the same chance you did, voiding the handset warranty. I'm hoping TMobile or PalmOne will come out with a "real" released version of the firmware update.

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    if u hard reset while u upgrading ..
    then the system is likely wont boot ...
    then ur stuck with nothing ....

    is there anyway we can flash the ROM externally ?
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    When I first did the upgrade on my device, it got stuck for about 30 minutes, at which point I realized something was wrong. I took the chance and unplugged the power cord and did a soft reset. I then did a hard reset and was successful in performing the upgrade.

    I realized the reason my initial upgrade froze was because I did not perform a hard reset prior to the upgrade, just a soft reset.

    Good luck!
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