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    thppfft, whats the latest version of Mobster, your blogging client? I've been away for two weeks but have been using it religiously; I can't wait to see what changes you've made! Can you repost now that hte boards are back up?

    (btw, if you ever add the following, ill be very happy... copy/paste, and for it to either be able to queue outgoing message (and/or) remember the data in the forms when you switch out of the app)

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    For the last couple weeks, I've been working on my PictureMail replacement.
    Once that's stable, I'm going to intergrate mobster in it. You'll access it with the arrow point to the world icon.
    My PictureMail replacement can be found here

    How's mobster working out for you?
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    Beyond the aforementioned requests (queued message sending, copy paste, and not losing the contents of fields on an app switch), it works fine.

    It seems like it waits for the 'rebuild' to complete on the server end, but from my experience, it just has to be triggered (thereby reducing the submit time.)

    I'm gonna try out Picturemail and dream about them together...

    do you have any idea when you plan to combine the two (and maybe add some of the above feats?) By the way, if you make it shareware, or are accepting donations; I'm in. There are other blogging clients but this does pic+text wonderfully and the missing features are trivial things; I love it
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    The current feature set for Pickem is frozen right now, and should be complete before the end of next week. I'll then add Mobster, then start adding more new and fun stuff to Pickem, like thinking of a better name.
    I have the world in my Palm
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    thppfft, any updates?

    I know the updated pickem is available at MTDN, but any update on Mobster and the upgrade that is supposed to integrate with Pickem? Thanks...
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