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    So which card works the best with the Treo 600? I found the freeware downlaod of the AP scanner software for the phone and want to try it out. Anyone out there found one that works on the Treo600?

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    As far as I know, none yet. The power requirements were too high for any to work. Treocentral did have this bit of info about a low power one under development from C-Guys:
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    I wrote c-guys. Below was their reply:
    Hello Jim:

    Thank you very much for your interest in our product.

    Although we are working on the Palm 5.x driver currently, we are not
    sure if it will work for Treo or not since Treo puts out very little
    current. SD-Link card needs more than 250mA to kick the communication.
    This means we need to test for Treo once we have the stable driver for
    Palm 5.x.

    The exact date is not known at this point.

    Sorry for the delay and inconvenience that may impose you.

    Loads of help eh?
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    At least they're trying!

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