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    I am trying out Pocket Tunes Deluxe and found that the 5 way nav does not work with the functions on the HiFilowRes.pdb skin that comes with it. The left/right on the 5 way only works on volume up/down. The up/down on the 5 way only works on forward/back. The center button works for play/pause and that's about it. The vol up/down on the side of the phone has a very long lag time and is a pain to use. All the other functions on the skin I have to use the touchscreen. Is this the way the deluxe version is suppose to work or am I missing some setups somewhere?

    What does crossfade do? I tried it but could not tell any difference. Shoutcast is nice but the audio comes through continuously only for 24 kbps or less without "buffering".
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    Crossfade starts the next track before the one playing finishes. If either of the 2 has enough silence on them when they overlap, you may not notice the effect.

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