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    After waiting almost 2 months, I just got my 1st Treo 600 replacement. (Reson for replacement was phone part related, i.e., dropped called, fadig in/out reception, tone dial problems, etc.). The screen in this new phone REALLY sucks! It's less bright than the original screen and also has a blue tint to it! I hate it!

    FW Version 02.12
    Software: Treo600-1.11-INT
    Hardware: B

    I am definitely going to return it and if I cannot get a new phone with the "old" clarity, I will turn elsewhere and leave the Treo for good!

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    I got my replacement today, too. U are right ... screen is sooo blue.

    Same info as yours, but mine doesn't give Firmware version. It's just blank there.
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    How do you check the firmware?
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    software is 1.10-spr and hardware is revision c

    just got my new palmone treo and the screen is the same as my old handspring. no extra blue. not dimmer. same as before.
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    I;ve noticed this issue on my replacement unit as well. I think its not really the screen color, its the absurdly low viewing angle that makes the screen look so blue. Its almost impossible to hold the screen so you don't get color dropout... A lower viewing angle than a Gameboy Advance!

    If I didn't love EVERYTHING ELSE about my Treo 600 I'd have raised hell.
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    Yea, you are right... the blue tint disappears once you hold the Treo in a certain angle. I'll call them up and see if they consider the blue screen a defect. If not, I guess I'll have to get used to it.

    After I put my SIM in, I got the following info (Phone application menu > Options > Phone Info):

    Firmware: 02.12
    Software: Treo600-1.11-INT
    Hardware: B

    Is that the LATEST version of GSMs PalmOne is shipping? I was thinking of upgrading the firmware to the famous 3.04, but I guess I'll have to wait to see that my replacement works fine.
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    I did call them up and they will be sending me a new one on May 3rd
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    Quote Originally Posted by gekz
    I did call them up and they will be sending me a new one on May 3rd
    I too called support and I will get a replacement in 8-10 days. I was told that they pulled all phones from the retailers and that they are doing some internal upgrades to the phones. I was told that I will get an updated phone with the following fixes:

    - Screen problem (the blue and low light fix)
    - Audio Problems (perhaps echo??)
    - Radio reset while on a call (Some dropped call fixes)

    Perhaps there are also some other minor fixes in it. I could not get good info on the FW and SW version of this "fixed" phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rvr2k3
    How do you check the firmware?
    Phone App/Options/Phone Info
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    Just got my new replacement (3rd). I had an original Treo 600 with a perfect screen. That went bad and I got a refurb with a noticeably worse, but OK screen. This new unit has a screen that I can't even read, the viewing angle is so bad. Defnitely a worse panel than on my Gameboy Advance...

    I'm going to try to take it back ASAP.
    "I see dead pixels..."
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    I also got a replacement a couple of weeks ago with a lousy blue/low viewing angle screen. I mentioned it to the store manager, and showed him what a big difference there was between the replacement and the store demo model. He opened up another box, and that Treo was also blue. Not sure what else to do but wait for the 650.
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    I have my Treo 600 perfect. They say the blue screen can be cured by performing a reset because this is due to a color image left for quiet some time directly to sunlight.

    I brought this issue with my friend working in a repair center and he says that this is really due to an exposure directly to sunlight and overheating the LCD inside.
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    You'll be happy to know that all those blue tint screened phones you sent back in April are now reappearing as replacement phones. I just got my replacement for the dreaded yellow dots (you can see them on the whiter screen below). Noticably bluer, bluish, blue.
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    Wow, I was JUST going to post about this! My camera started acting buggy on mine and I got my first T600 replacement tonight (bout 30 min ago) When i got the replacement, Sprint gave me a refurb, which i was ticked about, the revision is B whereas I had a C before... The warrantee date on THIS one is in Sept 2003 whereas the original one i had was made in April of 2004, but the store manager CLAIMS that the warrantee date doesnt matter as long as the account is noted that this was a warrantee replacement refurb. The screen on this one is bluer and much dimmer then my original phone, I pointed all this out with the store manager who was the one who was handling my replacement, and they went through all the Treo replacements they had in stock and they were all Revision Bs. I asked if I could just get a new one and he said no, since they had many in stock. He ordered me another one, and said if it comes in and is not to my satisfaction, ie revision C, he will probably see if i can get a new in box Treo. The replacement for my replacement should be in on monday. Here's to hoping.

    And BTW, when they handed me the replacement, I almost left without taking my SD card out! I would have been heated! Thank goodness I remembered...

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    FWIW, my replacement is hardware C and is still blue...and so am I. I'll get by until the 650 comes out, or this one breaks. I too, almost forgot the card, but I did peel off the egrips and take the pen/stylus out. I remembered before popping it in the box and shipping it off. BTW, peeling the egrips is only temporary till a new one gets ordered, the sides don't stick well.
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    One brightside is the vibrate on the one i have now is twice as strong as the one i had before... Not that it counts, my Treo spend about 70% of the time thrown in my purse otherwise its on my ear... lol

    Screen still sucks, when i have been talking on it a long time, the screen gets darker and darker, I dont like that. And people are complaining they cant hear me, that didnt happen before.

    Its still going back on Monday if/when the replacement comes.

    Sprint PCS user since 1999

    Palm IIIC -> Palm M100 -> Treo 300 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700P -> Treo 755P
    Do I count as a Palm addict if I still have my original Palm IIIC?
    Praise is what I do...

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