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    I am thinking of jumping in on the Treo 600 bandwagon, and wanted to see where/who has the best possible deal with Treo GSM in US. Currently I am with ATTWS,but am willing and able to switch to other carrier. Treo does operate on the 850 band right?
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    T600 is quad-band, including 850. Why not do a Froogle search or the like, and compare with Handspring/Palm and also Amazon? You are obviously limited to Cingular and T-Mobile in the US as plans to switch to.
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    Just ordered the treo 600 thru ATTWS a few mins ago. Looking fowards on getting the treo =) Any words of wisdom/advice from the gurus?
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    One problem with your choice of carrier is that the ATTWS T600 is SIM locked and you will be unable to use it with any other SIM (i.e. international or if you insert a T-Mobile or Cingular one). You can find hints for how to reflash your T600 and unlock it, but it's not for the faint of heart and you will void your warranty. FWIW, the Cingular T600s are unlocked, and the T-Mo T600s apparently can be uncloked by T-Mo if you have been with them for 90 days.
    Hope you got a really good/better deal with ATTWS than with the others--note that ATTWS has been bought up by Cingular, so they will disappear.
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    thanks for the info jposin, I am actually waiting for the day they disappear and become cingular. I was able to get it from ATTWS for $400 with a 2 year contract so its not too shabby. Does it really require a reflash to get rid of the lock? That sucks, I was hoping it had unlock codes like the nokia's do.
    Another reason why i stuck with ATTWS is that they just increased the power on thier 850mhz band, (the one that works inside the house best), so I am hoping that the phone will work in the house for me. (the 3650 I have right now works very sparringly)

    I m gonna miss my wireless bluetooth headset, but am looking forward to all the new goodies
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    This is the best I've found: A1Wireless

    Cingular, $399 after rebates. There is a 1yr option. That's what I took.
    No Unlimited nights or weekends with the 1 yr.

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    thedutt, remember that you have a 30 day trial period with AT&T, which means that you can return the phone with no questions asked for a full refund within that 30 day period. Beyond that, its yours.
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    thanks everyone for your helpful comments/suggestions. i am looking forward to the phone and might consider cingurlar as an option if things dont work out with attws.

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