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    Hello fellow TREO fans!

    I love my Treo. I love it more than I love cakes, and I do like cakes a lot. However, I digress...

    I bought one of these little charge/sync cables from Expansys (an online store for these types of things) last week, and I was overjoyed when it arrived. However the first time I plugged it into my Treo I noticed a burning smell, and it appears that something inside of the sync connector blew and left a dirty scorch mark on the connector. I quickly unplugged the cable from the Treo (which thankfully, is fine!) and wrote a mail to PocketPCTech's asking if this is a known problem, to which they haven't replied yet.

    I'm just wondering if this a common problem with this cable, and whether any of you chaps (or chapettes) have experienced it.

    Needless to say I am now very apprehensive about using third party charge/sync cables, and have ordered the PalmOne USB Sync and Charge cable. It mentions that it's specifically for laptops, which is great since I mostly use one, but I am right in assuming it'll be okay on my desktop PC at work, riiiight?

    Lots of sticky love,
    Nude Koops xxx
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    I have been using the "Mini-sync" from Boxwave since December, and no problems so far. They specifically advertise that it is for use with the Handspring Treo 600. Maybe some other brands are not. I'd check with the manufacturer to ensure their product is designed specifically for the treo 600.

    BTW, sorry 'bout your little incident. Good to hear the t6 is OK.

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