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    So back in march, Treo Central posted to their front-page a story about a camera-free treo coming out april 21st.. was this another rumor, or is this eventualy going to happen?
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    == "TreoCentral has learned that a non-camera version of the
    == Sprint Treo 600 will be available in late April (4/21). This
    == has been verified by multiple sources..."

    One would hope that TreoCentral no longer pays any attention to any of those sources when publishing front-page articles, eh?
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    Just saw a demo T600 WITHOUT a camera today at Best Buy in a Chicago suburb.
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    why wouldnt anyone wants camera ?
    is it same price or cheaper ?
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    Mostly for security reasons. Camera phones aren't allowed in some places (i.e. health clubs, some other businesses). For those people, not having a camera makes sense. I assume it would be the same price. Adding the quality camera to the Treo they did costs them very little, so they can't pass a lot of savings to the customers. If it was a $100 part then you might expect it to be $20 cheaper. In reality it probably adds about $10 to the cost of manufacturing, so they aren't going to reduce it by $2.
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    I am very interested in a cameraless Treo 600. I wish I could find more information on such a device.

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