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    For whatever reason, last night I plugged in the power cord to charge the phone but it would not. All other functions appear to be working including hotsync. I can charge the phone from my car adapter. Could it be the adapter? Anyone else had a similar experience? By the way, the phone is a GSM with 2.12 Firmware & 1.11 software (came that way).
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    I've seen references to adapter failures before - not out of the question - might have to bring it to a store and see how your Treo behaves w/ their chargers, and how your charger behaves w/ their Treos. Make sure you're not using an old 300 charger - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't...
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    Just a guess but try doing a soft reset. You might not think its charging because the batter meter is stuck (has happened to me a few times now). Once you soft reset amazingly enough you might have 99% bat
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    I had the same problem. It was the connector of the charger to the phone, its pretty cheap. Best Buy replaced the charger for me today under ext warr and I'm back in bus!

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