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    I'm almost positive that this is an old question so I apologize in advance. I've searched the FAQ for "battery" but there is no listing using that word. I wonder if the FAQ was zapped in the recent Forum problems. I'm not a regular visitor here so this may have come and gone several times and I missed the answers.

    I've had my 600 since January and love it. I think the battery meter may noy be functioning, instead I just get a 100% reading all of the time. When I do a soft reset the meter will function correctly.

    Is this a known problem, and is there a known solution, other than the occasional soft reset?
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    It's relatively common; I haven't read of a solution other than a soft reset...
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    Thanks Eric. Maybe a future software update will address it.
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    I recall reading somewhere that to keep the battery meter happy, it's a good idea to discharge the battery to maybe 10% once a month. Maybe here?
    ...but I'm not sure.
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    I had the same issue, but with an addition sympton. I'd get a "red x" icon on the battery (even if it was full). I brought it back to the Sprint store and they gave me a new one. Granted I also had lots of "Network Searches" whenever someone called, not allowing me to receive the call. This was especially odd, because the phone had service and would ring and give me the caller ID.

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