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    I understand that through Sprint you can get the monthly insurance for the Treo. Anyone on Cingular have any luck purchasing it? It appeared from their website that they don't cover Treo's.

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    I was issued insurance from Cingular. I've called both Cingular CSR and Lockline CSR and received the same answer: As long as I have a valid sales receipt from Cingular, it's covered.

    The problem is, the only way I can be 100% sure is to make a claim, and I don't know if I'm ready for that. Another idea that was brought up on the board is to extend your homeowners or renters insurance or to get a policy from the organization that issues this coverage to you and see if they have a policy that would accomplish the same goals.

    I may look into that as well, just so that I have a policy I'm sure of.

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    I'm SOL on both fronts. I bought my Treo from Handspring so I don't have a Cingular receipt. And my homeowners insurance won't cover the phone for less than the $500 deductible for personal property.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $Cingular$ $and$ $their$ $carrier$ $LockLine$ $do$ $NOT$ $insure$ $any$ $smartphones$ $and$ $specifically$ $not$ $the$ $Treo$. $Maybe$, $just$ $maybe$ $if$ $you$ $previously$ $had$ $Cingular$ $LockLine$ $insurance$ $on$ $a$ $prior$ '$regular$' $phone$ $and$ $had$ $continuous$ $service$ $with$ $Cingular$ $and$ $paid$ $the$ $bill$ $regularly$, $then$ $they$ $might$ $be$ $stuck$ $paying$ $off$ $a$ $claim$ $on$ $a$ $Treo$ $600$ $on$ $that$ $account$. $However$, $I$ $know$ $that$ $if$ $you$ $try$ $to$ $insure$ $your$ $Cingular$ $T600$ $now$ $that$ $you$ $will$ $not$ $be$ $allowed$ $to$ $get$ $a$ $policy$. $That$ $is$ $my$ $biggest$ $beef$ $with$ $Cingular$. $T$-$Mobile$ $and$ $SPrint$ $both$ $offer$ $their$ $insurance$ $on$ $T600s$.
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    Catbert00, if you list personal possessions on your homeowners poilcy (excess coverage for special items not included in the 'standard' coverage), then you can get no-deductible coverage for all risks. Check your poilcy and check with your agent.
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    I called my insurance company last week. They said that the underwriter would not approve itemizing the Treo on our home owners policy. I guess it's different with different companies.
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    I also have Cingular insurance through lockline. I specifically asked my rep and management and they said it would be covered. I have had insurance with them since before I purchased my treo. I have a sales receipt from Cingular as well.

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