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    I've searched the discussions, but the recent crash may have deleted the answers I'm looking for, so here goes..

    Our corporate IT dept just upgraded to Exchange 2003 and OWA 2003. How well does Outlook Mobile Access work with the Treo? I'm using Blazer.

    What about SSL POP3 or IMAP? And what current software is available that will allow push, or timed retrieval, of my inbox. (I know about the PC-based systems I can install on my office desktop, but I'm looking for something a bit more dynamic (and without a subscription fee))

    Ideally, I would want it to synchronize so that mail read on my Treo is shown as read on Outlook at the office.

    I know this is general, but IT is still tweaking this system and I have a window of opportunity that might allow me to get access like never before.
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    I use Basejet for the bulk of my email but OMA works just fine. It is pure text, no graphics at all. Since Blazer doesn't understand NT Challenge-Response authentication, your sysadmin will have to enable basic authentication on the OMA virtual. This puts your password on the wire in plaintext though, so SSL is highly recommended. Besides, once they have SSL enabled, you get the rest of the Exchange 2003 goodness, namely HTTP over RPC, and wireless ActiveSync for your PPC bretheren.
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    I use Basejet also, which has a fabulous interface. Only problem is if I don't have my laptop connected to my Outlook, it doesn't work.

    As far as OMA, I think this was designed as a WAP interface and using it on a TREO 600 SUCKS! It takes a LONG time to send a message, you have to go to like 7 separate screens and enter your text in a tiny box.

    There is a better alternative

    I spoke to the developer, and it too suffers from needing to use so many screens...something about how Exchange works.

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