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    Does anyone know a browser that will work with gmail (google mail) beta on the Treo 600.

    So far I have tried Web (Blazer), WebPro, and Webviewer. Has anyone had any luck with this?
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    I have not found one that works. I've tried different proxy server settings in order to handle their extensive use of javascript, and nothing has worked.
    At this point, gmail doesn't work with Safari, either, and google has promised that it will by the time they actually release it. Right now the lack of access via my treo is the only thing keeping me from using my gmail account exclusively. It's so nice.
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    Will Gmail work with an IMAP email program on the Treo like Snappermail or Chatter?
    How do you get to be a beta tester?
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    Yeah, how can one become a Gmail betatester?

    Answering my own question...I'm guessing you have to be a member of the press to do so, as a local reviewer in the Bay Area (forget which paper) just wrote about it.

    My Yahoo e-mail account is bursting at the seams, and having FREE 1,000 megabytes of storage space would fit the bill quite nicely.

    With regards to using it with 3rd party/POP3 accounts like in previous posts, this is what the Google Gmail FAQ states:

    >>>>6. Does Gmail support automatic forwarding and POP3 access?

    >>>Not at the moment, but Google believes in helping people access information whenever and however they want to do so. In the future you will be able to access Gmail messages from non-Gmail accounts for free or at a nominal fee.

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    The gmail faq states they're woring on future pop3 access...dunno about imap...
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    Active users were asked to be Beta testers.

    see the slashdot article here:
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    Based on my reading of their description of the mail system, neither POP3 nor IMAP would be supported directly. Any such facility would probably be an extension to their system, and it might not be available for some time. I would bet, among other things, that there won't be a mobile-friendly API for some time.

    Sounds like a big loser to me, frankly.

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    Even if GMail may support POP3 in the future, accessing 1GB space using POP3 is mostly pointless. Hopefully IMAP access will be available sometime soon.
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    well seems to me that the whole point of gmail is for them to feed you ads according to what's in the text of your email messages...this seems much more geared to a browser-based medium than traditional email due to the necessity of displaying ads. IMAP would be great due to the massive amount of storage and the ability to use it with the likes of chatter and snapper 2, but would they end up embedding ads into your emails in order to subsidize it? and how would you go about taking advantage of the "google-powered" searching? seems that the only hope would be a stripped down web version to use with blazer or whatever, but if marc is reading things correctly, as I'm sure he is, then mobile gmail doesn't sound too feasible.
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    Hmm, I thought G-Mail was a april fools joke. Wow so its for reals.
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    Both Blazer and Web Pro are WAP Browsers. There is a browser that is full HTML Java Based called webviewer by Reqwireless that should work. However you need to upgrade your phone with the IBM JME2 java client.

    Because it is full HTML it should work, however you may want to try it before you buy it.

    See Links below.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK - $both$ $web$ $pro$ $and$ $blazer$ $are$ $full$ $fledged$ $browsers$, $not$ $WAP$. $I$ $visit$ $many$ $sites$ $that$ $are$ $not$ $WAP$-$enabled$ $on$ $blazer$, $such$ $as$ $treocentral$. $If$ $I$ $am$ $incorrect$, $please$ $let$ $me$ $know$. $I$ $just$ $don$'$t$ $like$ $spreading$ $bad$ $information$, $especially$ $when$ $it$ $is$ $tied$ $to$ $product$ $endorsements$.

    The whole point of hotmail and other free email sites is to serve up ads and generate revenue. Gmail organizes your mail into threads and has a bunch of features that make finding old emails easy. It really is brilliant in its user interface.

    I was asked by a friend who works at google to beta test about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I've been really impressed with the service. I'd much rather see a few text ads that are somewhat relevant than sit through Hotmail's huge ads that mean nothing to me. The interface is fast, mostly text, and relies heavily on javascript.

    The first poster said that reqwireless did not work. I installed reqwireless when I first got my treo, used it maybe twice, and then my demo copy expired. If you'd like me to try it out again, I'd be happy to - but I doubt it will work correctly with gmail at this point.

    I use snappermail with my pop3 account, and it has well over a gigabyte of messages in that account. I just have the newest ones transferred to my treo and delete on the treo, leaving them at the server. The amount of mail in my inbox is usually about 300 messages or so, about 15-20 new ones a day. POP3 access to gmail would be sufficient to me as I only check my inbox through my treo anyway. The fact that gmail holds a gig of emails doesn't mean I have to download all those to my treo.

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    All right I stand corrected. However it is that the website does not recognize you as a java enabled browser, it will not let you in, for your web mail. So another thing to try is this little application for blazer. Its called blazer_spcs (for sprint phones only) however there are other versions for other providers.

    This app makes the website think that you are a java based IE5 browser.

    I have it installed, tried to test it tonight via my yahoo account but my sprint internet connection was down (figures). Try it and see if it does the trick. Tried to attach the file but that's not working for me tonight either.
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    The Blazer App works with the blazer browser. I can access Yahoo intenet mail no problem. Should also work with Gmail
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    Hmm.. I tried loading up the file and gmail did not work... If you have this enabled, can you try going to, just to see if that page comes up. For me it gave some error.
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    Just tried the configuration with gmail, and same problem. Back to the drawing board. I am sure that this has something to do with Java scripting, and the browsers.
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    Hey Guys,

    does anyone here have an invite they can spare so I can sign up. If so can you send me an email at

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    ok let me shed some light on this situation as a gmail beta tester

    gmail seems like html but it actually uses heavy javascript. this is part of the reason why it isn't supported in many normal web browser (safari, etc...) nevermind the treo... and while blazer "supports" javascript, it cant handle gmail's cause it's more intense than simple jsjsjs.

    and for those who dont know, javascript is not related to java at all, totally different. so if you're thinking the java browser reqwireless should support it cause it's java, thats not true. 2 totally different things. javascript is a web scripting language and java is a programming language similar to C/C++

    now i have good news though for those wishing to access gmail on the treo. google realizes they're limiting the way gmail can be accessed by using heavy javascript and is going to be releasing an HTML version of gmail in the near future. this will make gmail accessible in all web browsers and also on the treo

    hope this clears it up a bit

    and btw gmail is great!
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    Thanks. I think you just answered most of the questions I asked on another post.

    I've been trying to access my roadrunner webmail account via roadrunner and via e-mailanwhere and can't activate the "login" buttons. I presume this is javascript that is preventing me from accessing. (When I go to the webmail site it tells me that javascript is not enabled and I need to change browser prefs and reload). Also the same problem for making airline reservations.

    I'm trying to find a way to access faxes and other documents I receive at my work email that are not supported by sprint's business connect without having to pay another additional fee. I thought that forwarding them to my roadrunner account might work but it appears not.

    Any other suggestions?
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    forward them to a standard POP3 account and use PalmOne's email software (beta, free, I think?) or snapperMail (which works great but you gotta buy it after awhile, not sure of the price).
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