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    I have always used on my cingular Treo 600 to send email. It is about a week now it is not working to send email anymore. Does anyone know of any other smtp servers we can use on cingular to send our email. I am able to receive email no poblem throgh my pop of my email provider. I can not use my email prodivders smtp as they do not allow from an ouside devise. Need help please.
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    If you google for "cingular smtp server" you can get to the cached version of a TC thread from March.

    Maybe the TC staff could contact Google and ask them for the cached version of all lost threads
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    Thanks for the help, I went to the link, and read throguh and I ahve tried those and still can not send. This is very frustrating since was working up to two weeks ago.

    If anyone else has any ideas let me know please.
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    I don't know anything about, but it sure sounds like it was an open relay, which is the archenemy of everyone who likes a spam-free inbox! As far as a replacement, just hit google for 'open relay'

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