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    Does anyone know if there is a way to simulate pressing the "abc" and the "123" (grafitti area) on the Treo 600?


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    Try <menu>K

    That should pull up the keyboard on the screen.
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    ...that is not the same as simulating pressing the "abc" grafitti area.

    I don't always want to use the thumbboard, especially when I am already using the stylus. I use to use VBVBVB $Keyboard$ $all$ $the$ $time$ $with$ $my$ $old$ $Treo$, $as$ $it$ $is$ $a$ $superior$ $replacement$ $of$ $the$ $built$-$in$, $crappy$, $palm$ $soft$-$keyboard$. $I$ $cannot$ $use$ $this$ $anymore$, $even$ $though$ $there$ $is$ $a$ $os5$ $version$, $because$ $it$ $seems$ $to$ $only$ $work$ $if$ $you$ $can$ $simulate$ $the$ $above$ $mentioned$. $If$ $there$ $is$ $another$ $way$, $or$ $another$ $alternative$, $I$ $would$ $love$ $to$ $know$ $about$ $it$!

    I tried "cool keyboard", which allows you to access it by making a pen stroke from the top left-hand corner to the middle of the screen (perfect!). The problem is that it is designed for a 320x320 screen, and is thus useless as one cannot see the keyboard the way it is intended.

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    Don't know if this is what you mean but...tap the top left of screen in any program and the menu drops down. Then select edit and then keyboard.

    I have a contact management program that doesn't play nice with my keyboard on certain menus and this is the way I input the info.
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    I think trout256 is mean the abc or 123 active some function, just like normal palm in grafitti area.

    pls try Qlaunch , u can found it @palmgear, a great app,
    I've used it for years

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