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    so I can have it in the cheapo Nokia I bought on ebay for use while the 600's gone?

    I am incredibly disappointed in the 600's quality. I love the phone's features, but mine has had the loud screech upon answer, defective display, locks frequently and now the internal speaker has gone and I HAVE to use either my headset or speakerphone.

    I have a new one coming, and I am sorely tempted to sell it and get another phone.
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    No, u can't get your Palm OS address book on a SIM card. You'll have to move it to your PC (Outlook or whatever you are using), and then to your new phone IF it supports connecting and syncing with your PC.
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    Unless you have a family member who uses a Nokia phone that supports Phone Editor where you can choose to transfer them on the Phone from the Outlook interface. That way you can use your old phonebook stored on the SIM rather than waiting for the replacement to transfer the phonebook data.

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