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    I am in need of a Treo 90 Flip Lid. I have seen them before on Ebay, but there has been nothing recently. If anyone know of where else I could find one, please post any helpful replies.
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    I found a blue plastic case made by Palm for another unit that fit the Treo 90 perfectly. It may not be quite as convenient, but its an even better protector. Can't find the case number or model number its for. I took my Treo to Office Deport and tried everything they had until I found one that fit.
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    I ended up buying a used Treo 90 from EBay that has a non-working backlight and took the flip cover off of it. It's a shame that Handspring doesn't offer them for sale any more.
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    I purchased a Treo 90 flip cover from a supplier in the UK for 9.99 and they have them still in stock. The email address is

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