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    I just got through releasing a commercial version of the iTunes Skin for Pocket Tunes last week. I created separate versions for 160x160 devices, 320x320 devices, and 320x480 devices. Each version has been optimized specifically for each type of device.

    Find Out More Here

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    Thanks I will check it out.....
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    Cool, thanks for posting the skins but definitely a shortage of available skins in the 160 x 160. Any chance you can make the 320x320 skins available for the treo 600??????
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    Actually, the 320x320 skins will work, but they will not look as good as ones that are optimized for the 160x160 display found on the Treo 600. For the 3.2 version of the iTunes skin, I had to completely redesign the 320x320 skin in order for all the controls to be really usable on a 160x160 display. I believe the same effort would need to be involved in porting any of the 320x320 skins to the 160x160 display.

    I hope to come out with a few skins this summer. I have a few ideas, but I am always open to suggestions.


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