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    hi guys ..
    i dont know if any of you realizes it but i do ..
    yes im a picky person ehhehe

    anyway heres the symptoms i found about treo600.

    when i was playing with my Pool 1.14 the black and white versions of pool .. you can hear the sounds when the balls knock each other .. which is the mono sound i was refering too .. and somtimes when the mono sounds was played to much .. suddenly it went silent ...

    it also happend in NewPen (grafiti for non grafiti pda's) when you enable the NewPen it comes out a Monotone Beep ... "te ne neeet" but when the sounds fails after i played pool .. the NewPen sounds fails as well ...

    its not just when i was playing pool .. somtimes when i enable the NewPen and disable it .. the beep went halfway .." te ne ..puttttt " then it went silent until i soft reset my treo600

    anyone know how to fix this ?
    or does anyone else has realize this symptoms? (i guess not) lol hope to hear some ppl having same problem as me
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    If you are a GSM user, upgrade to the new 3.04 firmware, it solves the problem
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    arghh i wanna upgrade but i dont have the guts warranty void .. coz i just ought my treo 17th april ... if something went wrong .. i cant warranty it if u reflash to old firmware would they noticed ? lol

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