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    According to the information in the following articles, Verizon will offer the Treo 610 in 2004.

    The Treo 610 will have Bluetooth.

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    Wow, someone dug up a grave.........-
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    lol ... i wish i knew where the article i read about the 610 was definately a joke..

    i hate it when i bought a model then like 1 month later a newer model came out ... ARGH !!! i bought my treo600 17th April..

    god i really wish treo610 was a hoax ...
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    There's three things I don't like about this article.

    1. According to rumor, the next model will have a high-resolution screen. However, this doesn't necessarily mean the Treo 610 will have a higher resolution screen than the Treo 600 does. Mobile phone makers and handheld makers have different definitions of the term "high resolution."

    2. This description is based on information leaked to

    3. Whether's description of the Treo 610 is correct or not, there are definitely going to be new Treo models coming eventually. (Obviously.)
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    I don't get the fact that Verizon had that link on their site for the Treo 600 not the 610...
    just to add to the riddle of the treo...
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    Come on folks lets think this through like as if we owned the business.
    If you were selling a widget which was so popular that you could not meet demands and you had an updated widget ready to release what would you do?

    1) Releasing Widget-B Killing sales for your current version which by the way is flying off the shelves. And then place these Now outdated Widget-As next to your inventory of Treo300s so as to eat the supply inventory just to make some obscure Forum group happy.


    2) Continue to ride the Widget-As until interest subsides then release the new and improved Widget-B which give you the needed Widget Christmas sales Bump.

    How wise is PalmOne?
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    Unfortunately those are not the only factors. Vz is a very important new customer for the Treo. In the past they were excluded from carrying the Treo because of an exclusive with Sprint. Now if they may have demanded that so that they can be made whole, they want an exclusive on new technology that Sprint doesn't have. Vz represents alot of potential sales, and maybe this was the price for getting them to sign up.
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    I found this new article on Mobile9 that discusses a news wire published by DowJones.

    It also showed up on recently too.
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    When it comes with a "HIGHER" resolution screen, BT and WiFi, ill think of buying it - oh, cant forget Palm OS6. Now its THE device to use. Can we get rid of the stubby antenna too? :-P
    :Watch the Sky:

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