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    After firmware upgrade, everything was fine at first, but now I cannot use my phone

    Have one Orange Treo 600.

    1. Performed the 3.04 firmware upgrade as described here:
    2. Upgrade went well. New features worked. Phone works
    3. After 2 days, phone will not connect. I get a "No service" signal and when searching manually for networks (Phone -> Select Network) I get "No operators available"
    4. When using same SIM card in other phone, there are NO problems connecting to a network.
    5. I downgrade to a patched 2.12 firmware
    6. Downgrade succeeds, no problems during process
    7. However, I still cannot get any operators (have not been able to try with other SIM card yet).

    I only found one post containing references to "No operators available":
    but it didn't offer any further advice.

    Did I mess up my phone by upgrading it? What can I do??
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    I had no problems taking a Cingular 2.05 f/w phone and upgrading to 2.12. I then upgraded to 3.04, again no issues.
    However, I am curious as to where you get the Select Network item on your menu with f/w 3.04. When I upgraded to 3.04 it disappeared.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    My T-Mo and ATTWS SIM's allow me to Network Select. My Cingular SIM doesn't allow it after the 3.04 upgrade .
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