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    I saw this ad in one of my real estate publications being marketed towards realtors. $39.99 annual subscription for first year, $19.99 each year after.
    Says it protects palm OS and pocket PC compatible devices against viruses, worms, and other "malicious code". "Creates activity log, which can be uploaded to primary PC during data sync, to help identify corrupt files. Can update software wirelessly".
    I remember seeing a thread somewhere on this forum regarding antivirus software for handhelds but that it was a lot of BS. Any thoughts?
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    I would not spend that type of money at this point. That is just too much money for the amount of viruses that can currently affect the Palm OS. The money would be better spent on protection for the Treo (i.e., screen protector, case, e-grips, security program, etc.). Just my opinion.

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