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    Does anyone know of software which will allow changing the volume from the screen during a phone call. I dropped my treo 600 and broke the volume button which increases the volume of the ringer and phone calls. You can adjust the ringer volume from the screen through the Sprint phone main view, but I cann't find a way to increase the volume during a phone call.
    If there is no software solution, I have the option to get a replacement phone through the insurance. I am reluctant to get a refurbished phone considering all the misfortunes in getting decent replacements that I read about on Treo Central
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    2 days ago, my treo went flying out of my holster, landed face down on the concrete, slid across a parking lot, travelled under a car then finally stopped when it crashed into a wall.

    I almost cried...

    When I picked up my unit, it was stuck in the on position and not a single key would work: volume buttons, on/off, the entire keyboard.

    Since my unit was hacked to work on Verizon, I have no insurance. I didn't know what to do. I was so upset, I just started to physically hit the treo! I figured the unit was toast anyway, what harm could I possibly do?

    Guess what? It actually started working again. It is very scratched-up and looks like it needs a visit to the ER, but it works nonetheless.

    Please, I do not recommend that you do this to yours. Yours still works, mine was essentially dead with no other choice.
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    When i got my treo in october, i fell in love. Last month the love turned to hatred. The treo was dropping calls, searching for a network, and performing soft resets daily. I threw the treo onto the floor as hard as I could and it work great! The antenna was loose but it worked. Last week the antenna fell off. Has anybody had any luck with the Sprint insurance company? Any suggestions? The antenna fell off , but gum foil works great as a replacement lol.
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    How's the reception without the antennae?
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    Antenna reception by type:

    Gum foil stuck in hole: 1 bar plus guaranteeed network search problem

    No antenna: 0 Bars, no signal

    Old antenna taped on: 2 bars and intermittent network search problem
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    Got the treo replaced today!! I called ahead using the "network search" line from other posts. By the time they found the damage at the retail location it had already been replaced!!! Yay.

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