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    Quote Originally Posted by Conrad
    The pictures can be taken off. I've done it hundreds of times. I'm using a Treo 650 now, so I have to do this from memory, but here goes:
    - take pics w Pickem
    - Open standard Treo 600 camera program
    - find Pickem images
    - copy to SD Card (this converts them to jpeg)
    - transfer pictures off of card.

    I don't think it was more complicated than that to get the pictures off.

    Alternatively, use Pickem to email each one to yourself.
    If your service providers charges you too much to email them over the air, set up "reverse DUN" to connect the Treo to the 'net via your home computer (instructions somewhere on this board: search), then email them to yourself.
    When you email out of Pickem, the software converts the images to JPEG.

    As long as you don't delete the images, then they're not lost.

    This works just fine as long as the zoom isn't used. If you take a picture with zoom on, it doesn't matter if you email from the Pickem app or the Camera app. They don't display. I've also both moved and copied them to a SD card. No luck with zoomed photos.

    Any suggestions?
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    where is the software?
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    I know a good program image recovery. It to do something recover damaged images from Sony Memory Stick, PC card, Digital camera and another.
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    After installed Pickem, all my images captured with the Treo 600 camera are in red scale. Only using Pickem and pressing 's' the images come back to the original colors? I can't use the original Camera software and can't use Palm Webcam anymore.

    What should I do to solve this?

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    I would like to try Pickem on my 700P, but I have located the "original" and a hack, but with both I get a library error. I guess it's just not going to work or is there another "good" one some where that I can download?
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    hi there - i saw the post abt pickem and am now wondering will it work on my treo 755?
    plz let me know and if not is there an alternative to picture mail for me??
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