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    I recently upgraded to fw 3.04 and installed the latest Audacity DVR Pro version - and to my utter dissapointment, it just cant record phone calls on my T6.

    If I activate it during a phone call - all it does is record my speech and NOT THE voice of the caller on the other side !!! It seems to be recording only the input from the mic Perhaps it wud work if in Speakerphone mode so that the voice of the speaker directly feeds in thru the mic, but thats really lame for such an advanced app.

    Any workaround for recording complete conversations ?


    PS : its good to see the board back
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    Was this the demo?
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    What difference do the DEMO and Full have in functionality ? No .. I regged it to the full-version recently !
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    how do you like audacity? IM about to buy treo in Australia but really want
    to be able to voice record?
    where did you get 3.04
    thanks bill
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    search the threads for 'FAQ' and you should find the upgrade files in there.
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    The Audacity Audio web site is Does anyone know when Sprint and AT&T will be releasing the new firmware for the Treo 600?
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    Reply to comment about recording phone calls. At this time it doesn't look like the Treo is capable of recording both sides of the conversation. A work around is to use the Treo speakerphone. It sounds kind of hoaky, but it works amazingly well.
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    or another workaround would be to repeat everything the person you are talking to is saying...

    just a joke, though some humor would help

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    There are two ways to record phone calls. One is through the speakerphone mentioned above. The second is by using the Seidio headset, found under accessories on this web site. Put it into phone mode. Audacity can record both sides of the call.

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