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    Ok I know I've seen posts regarding this in the past, but since the forums trouble from the other day a search under "speaker" yields nothing.

    I've recently lost the ability to hear or have the person on the other end hear me when using my 600 in normal phone mode. When I plug in my earbud everything works. Without it plugged in nothing. No ring tone, no speaker phone ability, no palm sounds, no game sounds. When the ear bud is plugged back in, all sounds are operational.

    Of course this had to happen Wednesday morning when the forum was down
    Now the wierd part. Later that day I run into two other Treo 600 users. One on Cingular the other on Sprint. Both were experiencing similar problems. One had only spaeker phone capabilities the other only earbud (he hadn't lost all sounds though) Both were waiting for new phones. Both had only had their units a few months.

    This is my second unit, 2 months old. The first had the annoying buzz heard by the calls receiving party. This one only a month old.

    I called Palm on Thusrday and the first tech support had me do a warm, soft, hard and battery disconect reset. I had already tried the first three and after he had me do the Battery disconnect he told me I had to wait and let it recharge for 4-6 hours. Screw that I had to use my phone! I did so albeit handicapped a little. Called back Friday and the as soon as I mentioned my case # and that it was a spaeker issue he said that this was a known issue and they will expedite me a new unit (10-14 days if that's expediting).

    Anyone with advice, comments or similar experiences?

    And welcome back all!!!
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    Alas.....another victim of the dreaded Speakerproblem. Mine wassentback last week, and I'm supposed to have a replacement this week. It's a "known issue" so you should be able to get a replacement too!

    Good luck!

    BTW it's quite annoying to have an expensive phone like the treo, but having to use the speakerfunction only.....

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