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    Hi. I have recently installed Windows XP, and now, everytime I try to hotsync my treo, the computer reboots halfway through the operation. I used to have W98 SE, and it hotsync-ed perfectly

    I heard that HT technology has a problem with palm desktop or something like that. I have a PIV 2.4 gHz (With HT technology, I tried to look for apost here that talked about it, but I couldnīt find it).
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    I met similar case recently. I have 2 palms: M500 and Treo180g. I like to install software cardexport 1.13 in order to access card on M500 as a removal disk. The software need to install a part named cardgate in PC. And then the PC re-boot while I hotsync Treo180 in that PC. After delete the software, the problem disappear.
    So I guess that maybe software conflict cause your porblem. Many software can't run smoothly on Treo.

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