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    Im interested in purchaseing a Bellagio Flip case for my Treo 600. Any advice? Experience with this Case? I live in LA, anyone know a retailer out here so I can see one before I buy?

    BTW do ANY cases have a compartment for holding the headsets or do I just jam them in my pocket?

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    The Bellagio is probably the most underrated, best value case out there. I ordered both the flip & open cases x-mas time last year, and received them a few days later, through the x-mas & new year mayhem (all the way here in Australia too!).
    It is very well made, it fits the Treo like a glove, and the clip is very effective- has a small 'tag' that means it can't accidently be knocked off a belt, and the clip is compact.

    I ended up ordering a Piel Frama (sp?) because the Bellagio flip had autoanswer probs. I understand that Bellagio have now fixed that prob in their 'C' model, so I may follow them up for a replacement for my flip, because I much preferred it to the Piel.

    Don't get me wrong- the Piel is a nice case too, but for my money the Bellagio fits better (esp. where the headphone jack is - the Bellagio design is much smarter) the clip is more compact, a better clip, and the case is as well finished (at least) as the Piel.

    Hope this help!

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