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    We're always looking for cheap storage, and some of you missed out on the 256Meg for $49 a month or so back, so I thought, in honor of the resurrection of TreoCentral, I would let you know about this:

    "Limited to the quantities on hand. There will not be any backorders, rainchecks, or substitutions. Limit 3 memory cards per customer/household/address."

    No, I don't work for Sandisk, Outpost, Frys, or any other retailer or wholesaler. I am, however, cheap. Best of luck.. order NOW.
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    Great price... has it for $107 with free shipping and no rebate.. I may go for that one.

    You all think the 1giger will drop soon?

    I'd really just like to buy one and have no clue what I would do with the 512 one when I eventually get the 1 gig version.

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    It's good to see prices dropping all over. Mobile Planet's got 'em for $110.

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