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    I bought a lexar 1GB SD card from SAMS Club. Costs me $75. No joke! I was a little skeptical of the quality for the price- but it's been working great for months now.
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    Quoting for reference


    I just purchased a SanDisk 1gb card. I can't get it to work with my Treo. After spending nearly 2 hrs installing and re-installing crap on this card I gave up. Is it me or the card? I finally gave up and put my 256 PNY card back in.


    Did you format it IN the palm.. I had the same problem with Sandisk 128 MMC
    and after half a day of tunes scaning 1 sec and jump to next .. I thought ok reformat card one last try and return em in the morning if it doesnt work.. well worked great.
    No more problem.

    In reference to largest useable card, I was in a shop the other day with the 2 Gig's
    couple other people in shop.. new customer walks in and ask's will the 2 Gig card work
    in my treo 600.. one of the customers and the sales person both said at the same time yes just format it first.

    So apparently Sandisk's factory format might be the problem some people are having?
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    I have found that some devices have a 2 gig limit. This is because they are only able to read FAT16 formated cards. And FAT16 can only be about 2.1 gig. However FAT32 formated media can be as large as 4 TB in size.

    If you have an SD card that will not work in your Treo600, try formatting it IN the Treo600. That may fix the problem.
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