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    I have tried OnlyMe (light kept coming on), PDA Defense (worked for 1 day) and Teal Lock. I purchased OnlyMe and TealLock and TealLock has been stable. Ben
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    Thanks, Ben. I'm not sure it matters, but is your phone GSM? And do you have much else on your Treo 600 beyond what came with it?

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    I am a Sprint customer and for the most part, physical serivce is very good and telephone support is the pits. I generally keep between 8 & 9MB available in main memory. As for what is on it, the list follows:


    Backup Buddy - this one is used when I think about it

    Backup Manager - this one is used every day

    Bob's Alarm - used throughout the day - it is a killer app

    Chatter - great chat and IMAP program

    Co-Launcher - a great and simple launching program. I have two others I purchased and this is the only one I use.

    Natura Comet - I keep a list of all my phone activity on the desktop computer

    Datebook 5 - another great app

    Filez - a freeware file manager that is worth the money of registering it <G>

    HanDBase 3 - use this throughout the day. It and a couple of others are my main buddys.

    Invisible - I hate seeing all the programs listed.

    Launch This! - a freeware program that keeps the main menu from displaying when the SD card is put in.

    LightNZip - a killer zipper.

    Call Shield - I test drove the other one out there and really liked it. This one has (had at that time) a couple more things I liked about it.

    Snapper Mail - used a few times during the day for those little things Chatter does not do. And yes, I will be upgrading to V2 when it hits the air.

    TakePhone - beats the devil outta the default dialer.

    TealLock - I tried PDA Defense and OnlyMe - purchased OnlyMe and had a few problems. I have had no problems with TealLock.

    TreoAlertMgr - set it and forget it and probably never use it.

    TreoGuard - turns off the screen - set for 30 seconds.

    TreoHelper - a great freeware thing that turns the machine on and handles SMS things - such as locking the phone.

    Verichat - just have not deleted it yet.

    On the SD card:
    Adobe Reader (just because)

    Converter - love those conversion things a couple of times a day.

    Palm Light - like the red light for night time wandering through the house - I still trip over Frog.

    Palm Reader - it's the pro version.

    PayOff Plus - used it a few times and really like it.

    The HandSpring Photos program - shows the family and bikes off.

    Pocket Lingo - the office and college virgins.

    Pocket tunes - rarely use it.


    Quote Originally Posted by marco
    Thanks, Ben. I'm not sure it matters, but is your phone GSM? And do you have much else on your Treo 600 beyond what came with it?

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    i just purchased OnlyMe application. I don't need it anymore. If you need it please send me a email. Thanks!
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