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    hi all i have got a major problem with my t600 all of the hard keys dont work. or well they do but i have to press them loads of times so by the time i have managed to turn it on i have turned it off agin.

    anyone else had this problem do i need a replacment?
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    I had the same problem happen this week. The middle row of keys on my keypad from the letter 'A' - 'L' stopped responding. I went to this board for help, but the crash of the forum kiboshed that idea.

    I had a two month old Handspring model which I took back to CompUSA and they swapped it out. Thank God I picked up a TAP plan. Now I have a PalmONE branded model.

    It has a better camera in terms of quality, but the screen is definitely worse in terms of sharpness.

    I would try and replace your Treo, I don't know how to fix this problem otherwise.
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    yea i think thats what i m going to do thanks for thr reply

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