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    When I try to apply the Crow 1.12 update to my Treo 600 (Cingular branded), it claims "the updater is not compatible with this device" - how do I get around this? I'd really like to use some of the features in this firmware update...

    From Phone Info:
    Firmware: 02.02
    Software: Treo600-1.06-CNG
    Hardware: B

    Note that its not locked - I'm actually using it with a T-Mobile SIM at the moment...
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    Upgrade FW to 2.12 first before applying 3.04 update. Instructions here:

    I had exactly the same problem + the same phone SW and FW specs.
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    Simple answer: you have to use the tokenwriter as described in the link above to disguise the fact that it is a Cingular phone. You should read the FAQ.

    Caution: When you are finished, if you do a simple restore by syncing, you phone may reset every time you try to activate the radio. I solved this by deleting all the files in the backup directory, doing a hard reset, and then installing all apps from scratch. I suspect the problem was with certain Cingular files being synced back in by the backup.
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    Thanks to both of you - turns out using Tokenwriter to change CNG to INT did the trick - its working perfectly now, and I love the changes!

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