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    Needs headphone option. Pitch also seems too steep for normal viewing.
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    Are you saying that this cradle already has input for a headphone/headset connection?

    If you can adjust your pitch from the range of 30 deg all the way to 90 deg, I think you'll satisfy all possible angles because everybody has different tastes and lighting environments (you must know being in the camera industry). Personally, I like around 75-80 degrees myself because I have bright fluresent lights above me so I need to avoid the glare.
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    Arcbody...could you please post how the stand is attached to the external battery? Tx for your reply...
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    Um, WOW interesting stuff. While your at it, could you make/modify a 2-in-1 headset so it winds up those annoying cords? PC-Mobile almost got it right... I went with a Seidio.

    But back OT, the headphone jack alone makes this worth it for me. I think the ideal cradle would allow you to throw down a Treo with or without its external battery attached, and access to the headphone jack of course.
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    let me get this straight, is this a Treo 600 external battery with a metal base attached into it?

    if this is a third party cradle, i would like to pass my comments.

    firstly, from an aesthetic point of view, the base can be refined or be more flexible. by refined i mean the base should have the same color and material of the cradle. i assume that the base is meant to go into a desk and/or into a car's cup holder. since cars have different location for their cup holders, having an base with an adjustable height and adjustable pitch would be very convenient. by flexible i mean that the base should be interchangable and could be used on a desk as well as in a vehicle. different types of bases would be ideal such that the cradle could be attached into a suction holder where the cradle can hang from the windshield or a cigarette holder mount.

    secondly, if the aim of this product is to be used in a vehicle, there should be a provision of using this product without any need for wires and cables. having it's own internal speaker and mic to enhance the conversation would be really really convenient. if a private conversation is necessary, a headphone jack for a separate handsfree headset should also be available. the cigarette holder mount is also an ideal option so that the treo 600 can be recharged while on the move. i find this so convenient on my other phones coz i never had to recharge it at home.

    other than those comments, it is a very promising concept you have there. i hope there is enough time and effort for innovations to this prototype. i also hope if ever it becomes a possibility, it would be available here in australia

    i realize i used the word convenience a lot, as this is what i'm looking for in a product.

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