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    To whomever also owns a Covertec: Want the best of both worlds? By a machine screw size 4-40 x 1/4 available at Lowe's for 87 cents and swap it out from the one that comes with the covertec. It's a 5 second mod that you can undo easily whenever you want to use the covertec! IMHO, this is the most secure clip/case available anywhere.
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    Just a quick follow up to my earlier post about the screw. I haven't tried the Rivet system yet, but in general, i dislike "modding" my case with add-ons. Also, i didn't want to permanently keep the screw in (hence, no loctite). The nail polish trick seems to be working, have gone a few days without any problems.
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    If that doesn't work you may want to get a small locking washer to use with the original post.
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    I haven't wanted to peel back the foam on the back of the innopocket case, but..... If the socket/nut for the screw opens into the back of the case itself, could you put in the Rivet disk from behind, having the business end stick out like the original screw post? Please, someone more adventurous than me tell me this is possible.....
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    I emailed Innopocket ( I described the problem and they are going to send me a "redesigned" post. Stay tuned. I am still wondering if my idea of using the Rivet connector will work. Innopocket had no comment about this possibility.
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    Looking at the back of the case I don't think it can be done without modifying the case. The indentation in the back has a screw thread attached, its thickness would make the Rivet post too short to clip to the belt clip unless you removed the thread and flatten the case around the hole.
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    I've just discovered that Rivet has a "Universal Pin" that pivots but more importantly is significantly longer than the standard fixed pin. I'm going to see if I can order just the pin and belt clip assembly, rather than the whole shebang they like to sell with dash clip, lanyard, dog leash, winch, tow truck, etc. etc. etc....
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    i've been putting a bit of nailpolish on my screw then screwing the post in tightly. that seems to do the trick. the only problem is that my clip keeps popping off my belt. it appears to be coming loose, and as I examine the clips for my various cases, this one seems to be the shoddiest. the spring is a weak spring, unlike the others, which often use full sheets of metal. as a result, i have switched to a krusell handlit case full time, while the innopocket case has been relegated to weekend and travel duty, where i can just keep the phone in my jeans pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Parityone
    I found the case to be great as others have said. However the belt clip is junk, mine broke in less than a week. I like the case so I purchased a "Rivets' system (it's metal) and just love the combination.

    I purchased a Rivet system from Radio Shack but before I crazy glue it in place whats the best place for it? Above or below the old spot? I've tried both locations and they don't feel right and right on top of the old spot is kinda sketchy since there isn't a lot of surface area. Kracy glue MIGHT be able to hold it there but I'm not sure I wanna chance it just yet.

    Can people use their Treo's cameras to take pics and post them here of where they placed their rivets posts on their cases?

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    I am really worried about trusting my $600 phone to a dollop of glue. I can't get the combination of Rivet parts I think I need (the "universal" pivoting long pin, and belt clip assembly) to try my alternative idea. Innopocket, are you listening? WE NEED A BETTER CLIP!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalai Lama
    I am really worried about trusting my $600 phone to a dollop of glue. I can't get the combination of Rivet parts I think I need (the "universal" pivoting long pin, and belt clip assembly) to try my alternative idea. Innopocket, are you listening? WE NEED A BETTER CLIP!!!!
    Krazy Glue (some call it super glue) is one of the strongest substances known to man. Use enough to cover the surface area of the post and you'll be fine.
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    I really like the rivet system. However, I didn't like the "swivel" part of it because I like having it horizontal along my waist. A quick fix was to buy extra fixed swivels and line two of them up on the back of the phone. (This required a little bit of trim to the bases so they would mount close enough together to be effective.)

    The innopocket (made by RhinoSkin) is great because of the metal case, I actually mounted my rivets with small, countersunk screws and nuts. No more adhesives!

    The only drawback .... still can't feel the vibrate function.
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    Could you post photos and some more details, like size and type of screws, etc.? I want to do something exactly like what you described, and I too have been worried about trusting a $600 phone to a dollop of adhesive....
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    Dalai Lama,

    My friend just got it back to me (has a nice mill and saw to cut through small bits of steel) and the mounting looks great. I'll have to find a way to get a pic of it (digicam is down) but there's one real drawback.

    The rivet eclip (when used with the belt clip) sticks out a little over 1/2 an inch from my waist when I have it attached. This feels/looks really weird. I need to come up with a better quick-release system for a horizontal carry.

    I'll take a few more looks at it...
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    I neglected to mention that locking the phone horizontally makes accessing the eclip release button more difficult. Also, with two rivets to lock the motion in place, it becomes harder to release the phone as both rivets need to pass the release mechanism. This is not the best solution.

    As much as I like the Rivet locking/release system, I may need to go with something by Vibra Tech. That way, the reduced vibrate functionality of the Treo/Hard Case will be remedied. A locking pin (instead of a swivel pin) shouldn't be all that difficult to make (especially with access to a lathe) if there isn't one readily available. That will be my next course of action...
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    I got one of these cases included with my Treo (ebay auction), and I found it to be kind of ugly looking. I agree that it needs a plastic screen cover so you can see incoming calls or what song is playing on an mp3. So far i've only used mine when i'm out walking and want my Treo on my belt and not in my pocket. Even using it only for MP3 playing and nothing else, I found it kind of difficult to use the 5-way navigation button through the case. I just ordered one of the leather side loading cases so I can eliminate jamming my Treo in my pocket, but also not carry around a chunk of aluminum. I will still keep the aluminum case around, however, for those times when I'm doing something physical (not often...). Hope that helps.
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    I had the innopocket aluminum hard case and loved the protection it afforded. It isnt heavy or bulky at all, and is easy to put in a pocket. The post was fixed with locktite, but the clip was horrid. It was very easy to talk on, except I wished I had a window to see the screen, or even a cutout. I was planning on making such a mod, but I didnt want to lose my SD storage. If one could stand losing the SD storage, I wouldnt mind having the bottom half of the front cover (the part that covers the keyboard) be a flip design where it would flip down to access the keyboard easier. Actually, the SD card could possibly manage to be stored there, making a plastic window or a cutout for the screen feasible. I just realized how much I have rambled, so I am gonna kill the switch while I still have some rationality left...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlczl
    WARNING! to all Rivet system users. The post has a tendency to come unglued. Inspect it regularly and treat it kindly to avoid a costly fall. Been there done that.
    Are you talking about the "pin" that attaches to the back of the device? I was wondering what they (Rivet) use to attach it.
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    I jumped on ebay to see if I could pick up one of these nice hard cases but was stymied by the number of "aluminum cases" being sold that from what I see in pictures looks like the innopocket case. Any idea if these are genuine innopckets sold by 3rd parties or if they are cheap knock offs. If they are knock offs...are they any good. I don't really want to spend $10-15 more than I have to if it is really the same darn thing.

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    Innopocket is merely a branded distributor and I am assuming that others may be jumping on the bandwagon with the popularity of the Treo600. However, I know for a fact that the original manufacturer is a subcompany of Saunders called Rhino Skin ( Whether or not Innopocket has exclusive licensing rights, I have no idea.

    Just an update for the horizontal, no-swivel case craving junkies ... I've found that the Krusell MultiAdapt (distributed through mated with the mini clip works wonderfully. The phone is attached quite securely, doesn't rotate, and preserves what little vibrations that the Treo 600's silent ringer has to offer! The one down side is that you have to remove the clip from your belt to use the phone. I would suggest the Mini-Clip rather than the Spring Clip (it's much easier to remove quickly).

    It would be nice if there was a quick-releasel, non-swivel option for horizontal carry but this is the closest I've been able to come to it. It seems that horizontal carry and quick-release are pretty much mutually exclusive if you want to use the Innopocket aluminum case.

    I've found that, for the most part, swivel clips render the Treo 600's vibrating ringer useless. I've been able to feel the vibrations a tiny bit with the Krusell swivel clip - which is a lot better than with other swivel clips I've tried.
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