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    I downloaded it, tried it, and yes it is faster and the page rendering is beautiful compared to Blazer but the down side is that for some senseless reason when you press the down button it goes to the next link and when you press right it does a page down. this is a pain!
    Every time you access ReqWireless you have to o.k. the network connection
    another pain.
    The Back page key takes two stroke; more pain.
    Favorites area is clumsy and you canít edit easily

    So does anyone use this regularly?
    Do you think these issues can be fixed?

    Without some fixes the speed you gain is lost to Keystrokes
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    I think reqwireless is worth it. The speed difference may be "lost" for small pages, but for large pages, RW does in seconds what Blazer does in minutes. That's one of the factors that I consider before getting any software: will it change the way I use the Treo? I go to large sites on RW that I would never even bother with on Blazer.

    Not being able to edit bookmarks is probably the biggest issue for me, among those you mentioned. More dreaded is the nagging "contacting server" issue, during which none of the buttons respond, but it seems like not too many people are suffering from that.

    I use RW as my main browser. For sites that RW can't go to, there's always the Blazer falback.
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    I got used to the opposite button presses within a few days and the "back" page issue wasn't an issue for me because I didn't even realize Blazer had one until I read all the complaints about Reqwireless not having one.

    Webviewer was a little weird at first but now it's all I use. It was definitely worth $20 for me. The slowness of Blazer doesn't even come close to an extra button press for a back page.
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    I use WEbViewer quite a bit. The main complaints I have is that every time I try to use SSL, it freezes my Treo600; also, it would be nice to be able to edit bookmarks. I use Blazer or Webpro3 for downloading files. Handzipper acts a a plugin to Blazer, so it's real easy to download and/or install *.zip files. For *.prc files, it's a straigtforware install in Blazer. OTOH, if I just want to save something on the SD card, WebPro3 lets me save the file in a folder on the SD card. If it's a *.zip, I can just move it the HandZipper directory to unzip and/or install.

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    On the ReqWireless web site they ahve a special link for Treo600s the reply are directly from the developers, they want to find out how to make this a great option for the T6.
    However there are very few comment from us T6 users so maybe there is not interest in the RW browser.

    It is rather speedy though.
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    IMO, only of the most annoying things about Webviewer has nothing to do with the borwser itself, but the fact that you have to load the Java runtime on the Treo which occupies soo much space... I wish there was a way to load the runtime in Rom...
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