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    I have a US Sprint Treo 600 that I'll be taking to Europe for a couple of weeks. I don't expect to use the CDMA phone, but want to use the Palm PDA portion. In charging it, will I need a converter (220->110), or just an adaptor (plug)?

    Bill Petro
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    all you need is an adapter plug. The Treo plug automatically converts it.

    It is actually indicated on the plug. input: 100-240VAC
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    Thanks PFSCHAMPION. I am using a 3rd party charger (that uses a USB cord) but it also says:

    Input: 100-240Vac,01A,50-60Hz
    Output: 12Vdc,400mA,3.6W(MAX)

    That should do it as well, right?

    Bill Petro
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    the only thing you'll need over here is an adapter for the plug, since almost every country has it's own plug.
    For instance, The UK has 3 rectangular bars, Belgium has two round bars and a round hole for the ground, germany has two round bars and a side contact for the ground, .....
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    I'm interested in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. How might I discover the plug types?

    Bill Petro
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    have a look here You'll be interested in diagrams F L and M
    water created humans to carry it up hills
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    Bill Petro

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