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    Do you notice that your Treo600 shows 4 Bars with GPRS Icon.
    But actually when u use TREO Helper you only see:

    Signal Quality : 13

    Although it shows 4 bars and GPRS icon if i get less < 15 signal quality i couldnt connect to GPRS

    My question is :

    1. What is the max Signal Quality in the Treo Helper ?
    2. Can we change the 4 bar indicator to a Numeric Signal Quality Number ?

    Thanks ..
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    You can get Zlauncher (the new version, 4.10). The themes there support like 9 levels of signal strength. Not exactly numeric, but more granularity at least. And there's no GPRS icon either. But of course that will only affect the signal strength display in the launcher application, not in the phone or other applications.
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    oic what theme is that ? is it in the default .zip ?
    ill download the demo first and test it before i buy it
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    Yeah, both themes that come with ZLauncher have the signal strength indicator. But since the signal strength indicator is new I don't know how many other themes have it yet. I tweaked my own theme to include in on my Treo.
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    i wish theres some where that it could be appearing like the Treo Helper Signal Quality Figure.. so that i know what quality iam having weather or not my GPRS is active or not ..

    in treohelper < 15 no GPRS for me
    lol ...

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