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    guys .. have u guys used Newpen ? the program allows us to have graffiti on the treo600. Its really a neat program.

    For those of you who have used it, i have a question.

    Try enabling the Graffiti and youll here a TU DOO BEEP sound right ? i find that this sound is super lound and at any time during a busy day on the street ill definately hear it ..

    so i was wondering, if the treo can come out with this loud beep, then its possible that i can use this beep for the SMS Alert or Ringtone .. the problem is that i find polyphonic ringtone is really slwo and i barely hear it when im at a busy place. But if i can somehow create this kind of Newpen Loud Beep for my alerts .. it would be great ..

    can someone tell me how can i create a MIDI that generates this loud beep like the Newpen Grafiti Enable beep.. thanks

    (in order to know how loud it is download Newpen) its a freeware i think
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    no one can answer this question huh
    man i wish someone would ...
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    For louder sounds, try LightWav or other MP3 player, and proper MP3 file (yours or downloaded)-
    Loudest I heard, is air_horn.mp3 (I think that was from Wav Central, not sure, you will see people reaction when played . Attached file with this post.

    On Midi some loud are in Shared by Treo Users link in:
    I download them by beaming directly .MID files from other palm, and renaming as xxx.mid.pdb on prompt to be accepted in Tone list.
    Also it is a must to use a MIDI editor on file to pump volume before loading.
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    Dang, that is one LOUD no distortion MP3 file...
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    hahah wow thats loud .. but no style
    hehehehh does anyone know any good midi editor ? taht has all kind of soudns installed ?
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    damn that "air horn" sound was really loud! lol

    somebody has lost their mind (or should I say their hearing)!
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    Ohhh yes, this one will be fun at the office >:-)
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    Ok, had a look for air_horn.mp3 on wavecentral and google period - no sign! Can anyone post a link to it plz?

    Secondly, when I tried putting mp3's to my Treo600 in LightWav, using PTunes, a) the volume slider was up WAY high, and b) they sounded cr*p even at normal volume.

    The files sound fine on my PC, and I have heard a LOT better from PTUNES.

    Any of you guys know a bit about audio editing and could let me have some setting details for the editor (using Soundforge, but should work on any), such as normalisation etc etc?
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    Link for air_horn.mp3, you have the file attached in above post.

    About editing, I use Audacity , that it is a freeware. And MusicConverter to change resolution for ringtones (Mono, etc).

    There are many other loud MP3 ringtones and alarms. Excelent ones have loud tones on first seconds, and those are for example Mission Imposible, or some Techo loops or some sounds as Fanfare or Trumpet.

    For loud wake up alarms recommend to use first seconds of amplificated of Pink Floyd´s Money (a little dangerous, Treo can fly as stone outside the house, but sound is incredible), Rooster (excelent simulation, military Diana touch , or for easy wake up, some rain forest sounds ..

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