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    is there any way we can have the treo600 be as an SD card reader for windwos. Like it will open up the SD card data in a folder or drive X:\ or something like that ..

    coz i find it a hassle everytime i remove my SD card then put it in reader then copy paste my images into the reader then putting it back into the treo600 so i was wondering if this is possible ?
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    You can use Card Export to accomplish this. I believe there are other apps also but I don't know them. The only downside is that you need card export to be installed on the PC you want to use. It's not automatically recognized like a true thumbdrive. Of course this isn't a big issue for the PCs you use regularly.

    My solution for the random PC (say at a friends house) is to have a copy of Card Export saved on my SD card and I email to a web email address. I then use the PC to download the app and install. Of course you need internet access for this solution but that's almost always the case.
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    Try either Card Export or Syncwizard. I use the former with no problems...
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